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Technology and the behavior of our users evolve every day, and our coverage will follow suit.LONDON Hedge funds turned their most bullish on the euro in well over six years last week,.Creating high quality journalism that customers are willing to pay to receive is the core of Bloomberg Editorial (and of our business model, at least on the terminal side).A computer could not have broken the news that Pearson wanted to sell the Financial Times, nor persuaded millions of people to click on the Businessweek story about Code.If most of the things we do pass the fundamental test of good journalism: people will pay for it.We also need to embrace technology that will make us nimbler and more cooperative - for instance, setting up internal chatrooms so that reporters from Markets, First Word and the Web who cover the same company, event or commodity can work together.Meet The Canadian Actress Who Stood Up To Bullies In Viral Burger King Ad.Lucid Motors unveiled its Air luxury sedan in December, promising a range of up to 400.

The strategic alliance between Numerix and Bloomberg enables Numerix Bloomberg. and value even the most bespoke deals, powered with live Bloomberg data.Television will need more than one Otis Bilodeau, and needs more than one Maggie Otte.

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As our finest journalist yet was fond of saying, the best is yet to come.

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Jacqueline Simmons is executive editor for Global Business for Bloomberg News.But in the end the glib answer really is the fundamental one.However, I still think that one way we can distinguish ourselves (and, frankly always have) is by our passion for business, finance and markets.Bloomberg L.P., using the cash. was consulted on and approved the Merrill Lynch and BusinessWeek deals,. who, as editor in chief,.

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We have to be part of the debate about capitalism, not just a scorer.

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Bloomberg is still too focused on developed markets, established finance and the Western world (especially America).On the web, almost 70% of our visitors now come directly to article pages through social media or search engines, rather than the homepage.But it does mean that we should concentrate our firepower on the area where every Bloomberg customer - whether it is a television viewer in Baltimore, a terminal user in Berlin or a Web user in Bangalore - expects us to be the definitive chroniclers.By contrast capitalism is moving to private markets and the emerging world.Click here to submit a Letter to the Editor, and we may publish it in print.On the Media side, we have got rid of the anachronism of two separate newsrooms: across from my desk, the editors of TOP now sit beside those on the homepage.

Bloomberg Gadfly will join that debate, where we already have Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg View, Bloomberg Intelligence and First Word.New York is still the home of most of our executive editors and most of our journalists on the web and the View.It cannot question Hillary Clinton about emails, let alone become Stephanie Ruhle or Tom Keene.Too often, we produce content that serves us rather better than it does the people who are paying to read it (or giving up a portion of their day to watch it or listen to it). on MacRumors

Bloomberg editor John Micklethwait sent a memo to staffers Tuesday just hours after laying off about 80 employees.Michael Bloomberg has decided to return as the boss of the company he founded. courts and no deals:.

Leaner. I have said many times that I come from the Toyota school of journalism, not the 1970s Detroit one: quality relies on you signing off on something only when you think it is right, rather than passing something shoddy along the line hoping that some distant editor in Quality Control will tidy it up.And if nobody can find your story you might as well not have written it.Trump, Russia, and Those Shadowy Sater Deals at Bayrock. Timothy L.