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Emery decided to ship in the round, which he is now doing. Messrs. Hayden Brothers have received already a large amount of mahogany, and much more is on the way.Each vault is provided with two doors of solid welded iron and hardened steel plates, aggregating seven inches in thickness, each door being protected by two combination locks of the finest character.The company has also great facilities for the storage of trunks, packages of silver, paintings, etc.For example, the most complete hotel, the most exquisitely decorated theater, the most perfect and extensive system of public parks.

Its influence on the general commercial and manufacturing interests of Chicago is of such importance that the following historical review of the subject will be found of more than ordinary interest.These gentlemen constructed a foundry and machine shop on the South Branch, near what is now Polk street.

No. 2 Spring Wheat shall be sound, reasonably clean, and of good milling quality.The cheap goods are turned out exclusively by the vast beehive factories of the East, where human machines are schooled to manipulate machines of iron, and both together to turn out so many thousand gross in a given time — a method, which by making the workman an automaton, is no less destructive to him than to all art and individuality in his calling.

The following statement will in a measure serve to show the magnitude of the business conducted in this city.The Chicago depot is located at No. 136 North Jefferson Street.The facilities possessed for concentrating the iron and fuel, which are the leading factors in stove foundries, at the most reasonable cost, gives its stove makers superior opportunities in the way of making cheap goods.

The organization of this club marked an important epoch in the turf annals of Chicago, bringing, as it does, into direct and active connection with the management of racing matters, a class of gentlemen who have never heretofore been prominently identified with turf sports.The experiment was worth trying, and a signal and demonstrated success followed, and now the entire West, both south and north, has been wrested from the old firms.Thus is avoided that twisting and warping incident to the material being in different conditions of dryness and heat, in different locations.This route, which is quite a favorite with tourists, and which does an extensive freight business, extends through the.Indeed the probability is that the demands and exactions of railway companies in the East will yearly be more closely.Mehrer120Catalog Page 2 of 190 Printed: Saturday, October 28, 2017 9:29:51 AM AK-24.Situated on Western and Blue Island Avenues, they occupy an enclosure of twenty-four acres.It is scarcely necessary to extend these prefatory remarks, since the details of the chief industries of the city will be found in this volume in their appropriate places.The history of the lumber trade is the history of the city. From Capt.

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Situated at the head of the great inland seas of the continent, and being the centre and radiating point of the greatest railroad system of the world, Chicago has been from an early day recognized as a distributing point unequaled for its facilities and advantages.In pursuance of this policy, a monthly statement of statistical information has been published, originating with Mr.Though possessed of no natural advantage of water power, its geographical position pointed Chicago out in early days as a very superior manufacturing point, and those who were sagacious enough to locate works here have profited immensely by their forethought.There is reason to believe that in the future, as in the past, the world will still continue the use of stimulants, and that the total abstinence of any civilized people is entirely out of the question.When we consider the amount of money paid during the last year for barley, hops, hay and oats, it is a self-evident proposition that whatever would affect the brewing interest would retract upon the agricultural as well, and a failure of a market for the two chief products indispensable to the manufacture of-beer — barley and hops — would prove most disastrous to the tiller of the soil.For a hundred years Pennsylvania has kept the lead in the production of iron, but during the decade ending in 1880 it increased its production by only eighty-seven per cent., whereas the increase in the State of Illinois reached the wonderful proportion of more than fifteen hundred per cent., the material part of which was in the city of Chicago.It is almost superfluous to add, that as this business does not require skilled workmen, labor is cheap and of necessity cheaper in a large than in a smaller city.

The property is inclosed with a partially open fence, which, in a measure, foreshadows the liberal policy of the club, affording, as it does, an opportunity for the passing public to enjoy the beauty of its grounds.And the worst feature of the whole matter is that almost every year seems to bring about some new and equally unreasonable hostility.They are built in sizes to produce from one to one hundred tons of ice per day.The demand for goods of superior quality and finish can not as yet be wholly supplied at home.For the past, the record has been most gratifying, showing as it does, good profits, increased surplusses, strengthened confidence, extended business facilities, and connections with the leading banking centers of the world.The business of the company is diffused through all that extensive territory of which Chicago, St.The French, particularly, have elevated this trade to be ranked as an artistic profession.At first only a few hands were employed, and no specially important work was done until the following year, when Mr.In the finest numbers there are upwards of 32,400 meshes to the square inch, and when one considers that the cloth is woven by hand, it is marvelous how such a result can be obtained with anything like accuracy.

The same firm are continually engaged in catering to the development of public interest in this branch, and creating novelties in their unique designs and materials employed.This company is well known in many branches of electrical manufacture.Science is constantly developing improved methods and labor-saving machinery, and even now everything is done with precision and on a systematic basis, leaving no room for loss, except where reckless folly or wasteful management prevails.No. 1 Hard Spring Wheat shall be sound, plump, and well cleaned.To illustrate the vast extent of the railroad facilities of Chicago we extract the following from the annual report of the railways in Illinois, made by the Board of Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners on December 10th, 1884.

Instead of these, are now more commonly used the most elaborate wall papers, leather hangings, Lincrusta-Walton, tapestries and papier mache.Not only are their goods outwardly and apparently equal to the best, but the hidden material and the work not open to inspection are just what they purport to be, and this is the universal rule, and both a matter of pride and of policy with every Chicago manufacturer in this line.These stirrers are arranged spirally, and act as a conveyor to carry the material from one end of the shell to the other during the process of drying.Following will be found a detailed account of these institutions in Chicago.The area supplied from this center is unusually large, even for Chicago houses, extending, as it does, from Toledo to San Francisco, as well as to the far South, while the opening of new lines of travel through the Territories has given a notable impetus to the trade of this city.

Finally, the receipts of grain in 1853 aggregated 6,928,459 bushels, while subsequent years have placed her at the head of the grain market of the world, her receipts during 1883 reaching the colossal figures of 164,924,732 bushels, and even this has been greatly exceeded by the receipts of 1884.These, however, selling exclusively to smaller millinery houses, do not compete seriously with the legitimate jobbing trade.Year by year she has pushed her confines back upon the prairie, environing and absorbing a score of outlying suburbs.This will give some idea of the magnitude of the individual breweries in this country, and of these it may fairly be said, that those supplying the city of Chicago are unsurpassed in capacity, perfection, of equipment, or in the quality of the beer produced.Still, though always safe, Chicago banks are eminently successful.Immediately inside of the course proper, and separated from it by a ten-foot drainage sod space, is the practice track, forty feet in width, which is constructed with the same care as the track itself.

The company has now in partial operation, and in course of construction, a Telephone Exchange in this city, in which forty different classes of business are already largely represented.They are distemper paintings on plaster, and quite distinct in their style, durability and mode of manipulation, which chiefly consists in stenciling.The management has considered rapid and complete surface drainage first, and all else has to subserve that most important end.Florence Knitting Silk for mittens, stockings, etc., Corticelli Knitting Silk for embroidery, laces, fringes and macreme work.The growth of the body from its organization in 1848, with eighty-two members, until the present day, when having reached nearly two thousand, its membership is practically restricted, is one of the most significant chapters in the history of Chicago.With the movement of population westward and the discovery of inexhaustable veins of ore in Michigan, the position changed, and the question as to which section or location was to supply the demand of the future became simply one of transportation and geographical position.No. 1 Yellow Corn shall be yellow, sound, dry, plump and well cleaned.The clay-bank stands on a picturesquely located hill, and though at present the clay is hauled by wagons, the company contemplate a tramway that will carry the clay by gravity most of the distance to the works.