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Purchase of textbooks, books and school supplies for schools in the Municipality El Mechouar El Kasbah.Purchase of office supplies, stationery, printing products for the benefit of the judicial district of the court of appeal Errachidia single lot.Self-sculpting smart sand Researchers at the Distributed Robotics Laboratory of MIT are developing robotic cubes that will work like smart self-sculpting sand.The subject of the contract relates to the acquisition of flexo printing machine (1 PCs.). The machine should contain the following technology solutions and functional.Supply and delivery of one (1) unit electronic PVC ID card printer and ID card printing consumables.Purchase of Stickers for 2017 (Mayor,s Permit Card (Blue Card), Jeepney and Tricycle).Acquisition, installation and commissioning of printing equipment for ISTA ARTS GRAPHICS CASABLANCA.The appointment of service proviser for the printing of material of various sizes.

Electrochemical and coupon. this paper discusses the history and next steps for an indigenous Tamper.Electronic prototyping supply, electrical, robotic drones to 3D printers and pole for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of School POLYTECHNIC.SAICE General Conditions of Contract for Construction Works 3rd Edition, 2015 Books.Supply and Delivery of Household Identification Sticker for the CBMS 2nd Round Survey for the municipality of Paniqui.Design and Printing, General printing services, Accountable Documents, Promotional and publicity materials.Distribution, supply and delivery of the south african Police service police magazine for period of two (2) Years.Implantation of the Price Registration System, for a period of 12 (twelve) months, for eventual acquisition of account reel in thermal paper for CESAMA.The Ministry of Home Affairs asked the Department of Economic Affairs under the Ministry of Finance to obtain a self-disclosure report from Gemalto, detailing its businesses in Pakistan.Grass green jacket badges (including sewing Velcro) and other four items.

Printing and enveloping services with inbound delivery and dispatch in the context of the multiple application.Delivery of supplies for printers, copiers and fax machines for administrative activities NSSI - Pernik.The anticipated start of the supplies of goods is 1.3.2016, or after final completion of the procurement procedure.Multifunctional devices as copying and printing systems in the rent and maintenance ratio including full service.Uddevalla municipality intends to procure computer materials and toner to printers.Supply of ID Card Printers, Photo Card Software and Flatbed Scanner.Purchase of printing products for the central service of the MENFPESRS in Rabat.

Rental, implementation and maintenance of printing devices and a print management software.Supply and Delivery of printing and development of general items.Printing Services (Printing, Finishing, Handling And Packaging) For Printing Of The Newsletter Conquest, Inserts And Cards For Military Commanders Organizations.Acquisition 02 continuous duplex printers with accessories associated for national hybrid mail center as well as training and technical assistance.Design, write and print 3 stories of children within the initiative to promote childrens rights.Supply and delivery of documents to the media centers and libraries.Print auditors and the Regulations Law in a book and CD-ROM Arab scalped.

Supply of toners for photocopiers, printers and pllotera to AKM.Purchase of rolls of paper for the activities of the Central Bank.Supplies of ink, toner for faxes, inkjet and laser printers and toners for multifunction devices.The SCA will send printed copies to members and have them available at Alliance conference events Source: Disclaimer: The above news is at the sole discretion of Tender Impulse subsribers only and in no ways intends to bring commercial benefits to Tender Impulse.

Production and Delivery of Printing, Binding and Publication Services to the Ministry of Public Works.Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Request for Quotations (RFQ) for Printer Supplies for Specialized ID Badge Printers at Washington Dulles International Airport as specified in Section III - Price Schedule.

Supply and Delivery of Computer, Laptop, Printer, FAX Machine, Photocopy Machine, Note Counting Machine and Other Required Goods and Services.Supply, Delivery and Installation of ID Card Printer Machine for University Press and Printing Unit.This will cover, but is not limited to, the print requirements for events to be held throughout the Commemoration of the 1916 Rising and the Decade of Centenaries.The supply of High-Speed, High Quality Digital Printing System.State records show the DMV criteria for the bid, however, appear to not require a color image ID, according to a court filing.Biometric identification gets into gear each time an MRTD holder (traveler) enters or exists the territory of a State and when the State verifies his identity against the images or templates created at the time his travel document was issued.

Rental with cost on page for a multifunction (Mfp) printers and maintenance infrastructure and supply of consumables for printers lasers for enap.The present call for proposals covers the delivery of the hardware, the labeling, the rollout, the guarantee services during two years as well as the delivery and redemption of toner and exposure units during the two year warranty period.Bid for supply printer for printing international driving licenses.SSG, printing of standard print products, printing of flyers and brochures.Delivery of mobile printers, including transportation to the place of performance, installation, commissioning including any staff training.The Series A investment is the first tranche of a larger investment by RR Donnelley and includes an exclusive marketing relationship between the two companies.

Purchase of fixed asset: Digital Printer (1 pc.) And ennobling machines digital printing (1 pc.).Printing of printed materials and materials for the needs of the National Assembly.Estimated cost excluding VAT: EUR 20 000 000, LotsThis contract is divided into lots: yes.South Lanarkshire Council wishes to establish a Framework Agreement for the Provision of External Printing.Printing and supply of annual book For manpower statistics issue 36.

Printing of transactional and fixed fines books, documents and impounding the asset and notebooks retention receipts in single lot.Supply of office supply products, stationery and printer cartridges.Service of printing and personalization of official university degrees, European complements to the title and authentic digital copies.Bole Printing Enterprise invites bidders for the supply of Horizontal Web offset 4 color as per the specification and the bid document.